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The Green Hat theatre company creates

'wordless' theatre for families based on our technique of visual interpretation of music.

We write and tell stories that use music and movement as the language.

Handcrafted masks illustrate the scene.




When you hear a song, you may imagine a situation, a location, a story. That is how much of our writing develops.

This type of visual interpretation of music, in particular classical music, greatly aids in making music more accessible, interesting, and appealing. This technique also helps to develop imagination. 


Our movements are stylised in reaction to the music, then combined with expression and mime to tell the story. When children see how a whole story can be conveyed through movement, they realize that this power is also within themselves. 


This ancient form of theatre provides a strong visual attraction, while making the absence of speaking seem natural. In addition, handmade art is another method of communication without words. 

We also offer a workshop that gives children and their families

a chance to explore these elements. SEE MORE

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Our show and workshop are accessible to children (and families) of all nationalities.

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A Mask Performance for children

ages 3-10 and their families!


Squirrel gives Chicken a beautiful green hat, and Chicken couldn't be happier. But when Chicken's friend Mr. Fox catches sight of the hat, he is determined to make it his own.


Mr. Warthog wants to be a grand animal trainer- but his victim ( Donkey) just won't cooperate! Donkey would rather pass his days reading detective books.

Worn out from hanging feathers on the clothesline, laying eggs and playing with squirrel, Chicken takes a nap. Mr. Fox seizes the opportunity.

Squirrel, Donkey, and Chicken use all of their skills to find the hat, but unsuccessfully. 

Mr. Warthog's pushy nature comes into its glory when he is able to sort things out with the deceptive Mr. Fox!


The story is simple, but the themes of friendship are timeless. Follow our forest friends through a day of joy and disappointment, tears and laughter, and of course... a happy ending!


LANGUAGE: only the language of music! HAT has no spoken words

AGE: perfect for audiences ages 3-10, and their families

LENGTH: HAT is about 45 minutes 





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hop  bray  leap   scurry  giggle    

Join us in a 1.5 hour* workshop as we 


SWING like an elephant

BLEAT like a giraffe

JUMP like a rabbit 

and just simply laugh!

We combine movement and imagination, add little laugh yoga (we are certified laugh yoga leaders!), and then top it off with some music to make it all-the-more fun.

Our piano man Jack will accompany the workshop with live music!


And if we have a roomful of shy children? No problem! We also create paper bag masks and hats!  These simple costumes are fast and fun to make, and provide some ‘cover’ so it is easier to act silly!


This workshop is a great addition to our show HAT. 

*this is the base workshop length. We can adjust the workshop to be longer or shorter according to your needs.



Inari Soinila

I am a physical theatre practitioner who specialises in clown, improvisation, and movement. Having lived in the US, Finland, Wales and Denmark, I have been trained by teachers such as Holly Stoppit, Moshe Cohen, The Curious School of Puppetry, Zen Zen Zo, and Sayoko Onishi. I have experience in a wide range of comedic and physical disciplines, including Action Theater, fooling, mask work, commedia dell'arte, butoh, Suzuki, 5 Rhythms dance, and movement improvisation. A life-long nature lover, when I am not in a theatre I enjoy growing food, traditional crafts, and walking in the woods. Hence, I am delighted to be a part of the forest adventures of HAT, Green Hat Theatre's new production.


Kristin Hurst

Hi! I have been working in theatre, film, and circus arts for over 30 years, in every role from properties manager to director to performer. In 2004 I began to write, build, and produce mask and puppet shows for children, and have since toured with my productions in Europe and the USA. When my son Jack (our in-house musician and technician) turned 5, we started working on shows together as part of our homeschool development. This has turned into more professional collaborations, most recently a new opera.  I spend most of my time in my puppet workshop, or in the garden with my cats, Captain Bob and Earl Grey.

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Jack Dauner

I am a pianist and composer studying in Eisenstadt, Austria with Prof. Dr. Stanislaw Tichonow and Prof. Tibor Nemeth. Together with my mom, Kristin Hurst, I have been performing in theatre and as a soloist since the age of five. Recent projects include the premiere of my opera “Toadette, the Frog Opera” in the KLANGfrühling festival in Stadtschlaining, Austria and multiple concerts in the Lavaux region in Switzerland. Aside from music, I am a nature photography enthusiast with a focus on landscapes and birds.

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Green Hat Theatre

Jack Dauner

0043 676 5122597

Green Hat Theatre is based in Europe, but we travel all over the world!

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